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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:'Ye 'Old code.
Posted by: Gabriel Guerrero
Date/Time: 02/10/2002 16:17:01

Hello John & Carmen,

Nice one...

I do understand the book was written by both of you. I would like to clarify that when I write "X" work does not mean it is his exclusive work or that it was done by "X" solely by himself.

I am sorry if this made Carmen feel left out, it was never my intention. I'll include more detail about authors in the future to avoid hurting feelings.

About the Persuasion Engineering book... it is written on the "back cover" that it combines DHE with other stuff, so you are partially right in so far that it says it includes DHE.

About the flycover it says "Dr. Richard Bandler has been a fountain of creativity for 25 years, the techbiques he has created are used in our schools and by almost every major coporation. He created Neuro-Linguistic Programming..."

I am not to speak for Richard even as his agent in Mexico. But I will state that the specific information quoted above, was not written by him and further it doesn't include the word "sole creator".
However again as I said about your book (both you and Carmen) it is unspecified wheather he created it on his own or with someone else (you).
So I guess you are right to be upset.

Richard sometimes says "when I made..." some other times he says "when we made..." and some other times he even says "when it was made..."
At least on public presentations he doesn't have the intention to claim he is sole creator of anything. He is simply playing with referential index, meta programs and much more for a specific teaching purpose.

Anyway, hopefully all that is water under the bridge. For the best interest of NLPers who keep turning to... well you know the other names.

I will not discuss how much of the coding of submodalities you (RB & JG) did together and how much Richard did after you guys split. Because I wasn't there, the fact that it wasn't included (as a code) in any of your books together doesn't mean it appeared later on after you split apart. Even of it first appeared on print when he (RB) published it on his book "Using your brain for a change", it could have been a result of what you did together.

The hypnotic patterns you refer to, are still indeed a delightful example of your collaboration together (JG & RB).

I only wrote the first message to clarify that there is no DHE book... because thanks to you including it on your book, John La Valle and myself keep getting e-mails of people searching for that specific book.

I want to congratulate you (both) again for publishing your book.

And even if someone thinks that because JG and RB don't agree on the recepy it stinks... I think it only gives all of us different options to perceive the world & NLP.

BTW I am e-mailing with Edmundo about getting together soon and maybe even doing a one day event for the Mexican public to meet both approaches to NLP and multiple descritions of a model... call it a multiple descrition of an "X" model.

Have a great day, full with joy and success
Gabe Guerrero

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