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Topic: Re:Communicate with the unconscious
Posted by: Jacqueline
Date/Time: 10/04/2005 01:09:00

this is getting more interesting...

I didn't mention something when I first wrote my story - in my 1st attempt getting my "yes" signal, I actually got a twitch in my lower left leg. But before verifying I internally said "it's hard to detect a signal in the leg and let's move it up!"  Since then I got signals all over the place, or got no signal at all...

So, after taking John's suggestions, I, with internal dialogue, thanked my unconscious for being so enthusiastic - and both my legs shivered!!  It's like my unconscious was expressing herself through my legs!!  Although I still haven't got/confirmed my "yes/no" signals as I seldom received the same signal twice in a row, I'm now suspecting that the upper right leg twitch is my "no" signal - yes, the area where I had continuous twitching for almost 2 days non-stop (it's now gone), or maybe I have the same case as Brian, everything on the left is "yes" and everything on the right is "no"??!  I have to keep exploring…

One interesting experience I had yesterday: I started off by apologising to my unconscious for being so impatient with her all the time - I actually visualised myself bowing to myself - and my legs shivered again!!!  Then I went on and on but after almost an hour I still got no obvious signals, or should I say, sometimes the signals were so vague I couldn't tell whether they're real or imaginary.  So I decided to call it a night and talked internally "let's talk again tomorrow and if you agree, just give me anything anywhere you want!" and within a second, my upper right leg twitched - the most significant twitching I got during the whole session!!!  Even though that's actually my suspected "no" signal, I'm curiously confused, and fascinated!

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