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Topic: NLP & UML - another go
Posted by: Mark Ratjens
Date/Time: 11/04/2005 05:14:11

I note that a few folks have made an attempt to interest the community here in the Unified Modelling Language (UML) and its possible application for NLP.

As a member of the development community and one who is constantly curious about how I might intregrate components across my multi-disciplinary fields of interest, I can't help but feel that a uniform graphical notation must be useful to support writing in teh field of NLP.

I have used UML (and its antecedants) in the software context since around 1988 and have taught UML to hundreds of developers.

A little while ago, I wrote a short introduction on UML and how it might be useful in NLP. I offer a link to that piece here now:

with a view that it might spark some interest. If this is the case, I am more than happy to develop the ideas more fully, with a little external encouragement.

best regards

Mark Ratjens

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