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Topic: Archetypes and NLP epistemology
Posted by: Thomas William Heard
Date/Time: 13/04/2005 21:35:25

Hello all,
† † † † † during my present study I am learning about archetypes and the idea of universal concepts. From my current understanding of the texts of Steiner and Jung concepts are not made by the thinker. They are said to pre-exist and that it is through our thinking that are perception are added to these concepts to make them knowledge that is accessible to us as individuals. I have also been reading ĎAngles Fearí by G. Bateson ( I highly recommend this book to everyone) and the Creatura Pleroma description of humans epistemology. From this I have taken it in regards to universal concepts to not agree. It seems as if the concept is a metaphorical understanding of the world but due to usefulness of the symbolic nature of these concepts they seem as universal when described in language.

3 + 7 = 10

x + y =† z

My questions are, in NLP is there place for the idea of archetypes/universal concepts?

If concepts are structures that are universal but invisible to our internal perception till they have be filled with our perceptions, are they not provable as either existing or not existing?

Being it that language is a recursive rule based system and can be describe using logic types and levels as pointed out in WITW are these universal concepts just similarities that come from the logic of this rule system?

all the best

tom h

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