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Posted by: John Grinder
Date/Time: 24/04/2005 02:10:11


One other possibiity you might consider - approach a sympathetic teacher (especially an informal leader). Use rapport, manipulations of represetnational system and some of the verbal specification pattens and convince him/her to do a pilot study - take a number of children who are having difficulties with spelling. Make sure that the parents grant permission and are aware of what you are doing. Spend a coupld of weeks making them superb spellers and request that the teacher write up a simple statement about the before and after states of these children and distribute it to the parents involved, the parents NOT involved and the authority figures in the school and district. It is likely that among their parents, someone will catch fire and unleash them at the figures that need to make the decision so that all the kids in the school have access to the patterning.

Remember further that there are a lot more subjects than spelling where such work needs to be done.


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