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Topic: Beliefs and acting as if...
Posted by: Michael
Date/Time: 01/05/2005 10:56:48

Hi John,

I have found that your take on believing vs acting as if is really powerful. I've experienced a massive expansion in my thinking and abilities by "acting as if" something is true, rather than believing it is.

I still cannot do this in all areas of my life nor do I feel entirely safe about it (for me a lot of my beliefs give life the rich meaning I experience). But in a selective way it is very empowering. I must take your word that you don't "have any beliefs" because for me that is still untenable.

With all my progress, there has however been one major downside for me so far, and I would like to get your input on it: my model of the world is so flexable that I find it very, very hard to be convincing in certain communications. I can see the smoke and mirrors behind most belief systems, including my own! I have found it a lot harder to lead people, take decisive action, and impact others with my ideas.

One question I have is this -- how do you, for example, take such a firm stance on the ethics of content hypnosis when you're only "acting as if".

I find it almost impossable to have that degree of certainty these days even though that kind of certainty can be critical in guiding the behaviour of others. Even with your ethics debate, I can see that it's not truth or reality -- just a model of the world that has upsides as well as downsides. So I could never take the firm approach you do.

In other words, I think I've lost some choices by "acting if" too much. Can you give me so feedback as I'm sure you have safegaurds and practical experience that increases your choices, rather than limiting them.

All the best,


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