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Word Wide Sponsors of our public seminars

Supporters sites - people who have offered their support to us in our online adventure with Whispering in the Wind

The sites offer a variety of content and because of this diversity we cannot offer endorsement of the NLP courses, products and services on offer.

World Wide Sponsors

We enjoy traveling to places around the world to present our work to the global NLP community. Below is list of web sites that link to our sponsors sites in various different countries.

UK: The NLP Academy

The NLP Academy is owned and operated by Michael Carroll and sponsors various events.

USA: The South Western Institute of NLP

Owned by Jeisyn Murphy in Austin, Texas.

Denmark: MindStretch

MindStretch offers NLP and Coaching training as well as professional 1:1 coaching. www.mindstretch.dk

France: Strategies.imc

Owned by Michelle Noel. We visit Paris twice a year to run short courses on a variety of topics.
e mail strategies.icmc@wanadoo.fr

Ireland: The NLP Group

John and Carmen’s sponsors of business seminars in Ireland. www.thenlpgroup.ie

Australia: Inspiritive

We have been working down under with Chris and Jules Collingwood since 1997.

Switzerland: PNL Coach

Our host in Switzerland

Mexico: DEI - Dessarrollo Estrategico Integral

We travel to Mexico and South America several times a year to train NLP certification programmes and specialty workshops in Spanish with Dr Edmundo Velasco Flores of Desarrollo Estrategia Integral in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Supporters sites

The sites below represent individuals, NLP Organisations, and NLP practice groups who have been kind enough to support the adventure of Whispering in the Wind with a link on their site. This reciprocal link arrangement is not our endorsement of the content on any of the sites. The sites are arranged into two categories

NLP Companies

NLP Practice Groups - (non profit making)

NLP Companies

John Seymour

An established UK NLP Training company providing both corporate and public NLP courses. John Seymour is the co-author of the best selling NLP book Introducing NLP

NLP Academy

London based company with courses ranging from intro evenings, specialist topics such as sales, presenting, coaching to NLP certification. Michael Carroll and international team of trainers

PPI Business NLP -

Offers a variety of business NLP trainings courses. Extensive on line CD store.

Neuro Energetics

Pennsylvania based NLP Company owned by John Overdurf and Julie Silverthorn offering NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis training courses and tapes and CD’s

The South Central Institute of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

New Orleans based NLP Company owned by Sid Jacobson. Follow the link for NLP articles, information on Sid’s courses and details of Sid’s new book “Teaching Learning”

Symbolic Modelling

Over 50 articles on Symbolic Modelling, Clean Language, the work of David Grove, and NLP. Plus how to order "Metaphors in Mind: Transformation through Symbolic Modelling" by James Lawley and Penny Tompkins

NLP Practice Groups

Manchester NLP Group

A showcase for NLP in the North West. Each month our group invites the best presenters in NLP for an affordable evening seminar. No NLP experience necessary - all welcome.

The Central London NLP Group

Meets every Tuesday in Regents College for NLP practice and skill enhancement. Welcomes people who are experienced and new comers to NLP.

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