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Topic: regarding newsgroup software
Posted by: nj
Date/Time: 29/05/2002 18:31:01

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It is standard practice on many newsgroups to let unregistered posters use a moniker.  This group forces me to give a fake e-mail in order to protect my anonymity.  I wouldn't have posted at all if "someonespecial" hadn't posted first.  I still feel shady using a fake e-mail.

A lot of people are already posting here after only a few weeks of release of the book "NLP Whispering In The Wind", and of course I've bought my copy, even though the book has not hit bookstores yet. 

A great software program called Ultimate Bulletin Board might be right for this discussion group.

The UBB.x has a lot of features, see
[click the picture of the bulletin board or the tour button to the immediate top right of it to browse features.]
It is offered with hosting, see the shared hosting plan at:
And you can try a sample version with one forum at:

I have used the software elsewhere, and it's fully configurable - it's a moderator's dream, actually.  But a feature I would welcome in this group, more than ability to post anonymously (if that were really allowed, hint, hint), is a division of the group into topic forums.  I truly believe topic forums would benefit discussion in this group.
As people continue to post to this group, participation among participants may flow better if participants have a choice of 'Whispering In The Wind' forums.  Each forum could pertain to particular topics chosen by Mr. Grinder and Ms. Bostic St-Clair.

UBB.X allows forums, UBB.X is industrial-strength message board software, I've used it elsewhere. UBB.X allows you to add forums descriptions to the discussion group mainpage, as lists of questions that users were asked to provide input on, or whatever other writing you care to put there.  UBB.X is the mother of all message boards, big companies and celebrities use it on their consumer and fan sites.

Kudos to the webmaster (Mr. Carroll?) for putting the current discussion software together.  All it's gears click right, Mr. Carroll, but UBB.X could better handle the needs of a potentially large and long-lived discussion board.  Transferring the 139 messages (plus 1) on the discussion board now will be easier than trying the same maneuver months from now.

UBB.X allows read-only forums, where perhaps Mr. Grinder and Ms. Bostic St-Clair could post FAQ answers to common questions they have received, to prevent reanswering such questions in response to new posts.  For example "how can I obtain more information about the 'New Code'", or "when will 'RedTail Math' be released?". 

A single UBB.X with multiple forums could host discussion of "RedTail Math" as well, once that book is released.

UBB.x enables users to see all posts of a single thread stacked on a single page, different than the hyperlink nesting used presently. 

UBB.X  lets you embed user posts in your replies..., it has even more user-friendly features, including user-registration features that you can configure.  See the tour, and try it out!


One more thing, a particular benefit of allowing moniker or anonymous posting is to let any well-known NLPers post without prompting an overload of responses to them directly. I am not a well-known NLPer, BTW, but certainly some well-known NLPers browse messages posted here, and may wish to post anonymously.

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