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Topic: ReRe:Modeling - Feedback
Posted by: JonHenry
Date/Time: 21/11/2002 20:45:05

John Grinder you recently put out here a statement "I have little confidence that conscious minds can make a clear conscious decision about unconscious processes" I am puzzled by your statement John. John we went deep to look at what you said but John I have to ask you a question as I begin to examine your statement. If our conscious mind does not make a clear unconscious decision about unconscious processe's how does the unconscious decision that the conscious is not aware of exists clearly or how is the unconscious manifested if not by conscious activity?
Reminds me of the question about Schrodingers cat which I like to repeat as I interpret. Does a cat exists if it is placed in a box in the woods when nobody knows of the box existing in the woods?


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