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Topic: Origins - Watzlawick
Posted by: Ian Newton
Date/Time: 04/06/2002 14:10:47

Enjoyed very much reading the book and agree with both the intent and analysis it contains (with only one or two caveats) - thanks very much for putting all of it into written form

Our own NLP trainings are congruent (at least in intention) with your proposed standards in NLP so I would be happy to support them (and indeed our NLP trainings have done so explicitly over the last ten years)

May I ask one quick question to satisfy my own curiousity -

I was surprised that Watzlawick gets no mention - was Pragmatics of Human Communication an influence or not ? When I read it I assumed it had been a major influence in your development of NLP. (Analogue/Digital and many other terms etc.,)


Ian Newton

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