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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Origins - Watzlawick
Posted by: Ian Newton
Date/Time: 06/06/2002 12:15:10


Hmmm! I hadn't intended a response from you to my last posting but I'm grateful that you did because it sparks the following in reply.....

I've actually been to and (vicariously) enjoyed Disneyworld with my children and cannot fail to notice the Disney effect, even on this side of the pond. I also read Wittgenstein (many years ago at University) but haven't seen the play or the movie yet (nor am I expecting to anytime in my lifetime).

(this is intended neither as a trivial metaphor nor as an endorsement of Disney !)

For communication to have value in the wider contexts which Whispering (rightly in my view) invites us to consider, that communication presumably needs to be understood by more than a handful of potential recipients (or at least be potentially understandable with a reasonable amount of effort)

- one of the things I most enjoy in life is making the complex more easily understood (and in particular making it usable)without it becoming banal or trivial. Yes, I sometimes lose some of the intellectual value in that process - and on occasion quite deliberately so (and it's also possible that as a bear of little brain, I fail to appreciate some of the inherent value to start with!)- but for me that's preferable to transferring none of it at all

Or is it? - I would be interested in your view because it goes right to the heart of what you are purporting to achieve with Whispering.

I once asked Enoch Powell (a well known, much vilified British politician with no real appreciation of 2nd position)if he had ever wished that he had not been quite so intellectually gifted (in which case he would probably have become Prime Minister). His response was that 'you are what you are and you can't change that'. Nor, he added, would he have wanted to.


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