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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Physiology of Excellence Pattern
Posted by: wartman1
Date/Time: 07/02/2003 01:43:07

"Sounds like you have "possessiveness" issues.

Information is free. Once you post it, it is everyone's. You deserve nothing except the thanks for sharing what you didn't create."

Bobbie theres no need to be snotty.  Rob was just saying that he was the one that typed up this particular pattern and that from what I can gather it is from his memory and we don't even know if it bears any resemblence to what Dr. Grinder originally created so for all we know if could actually be rob's physiology of excellence.

I think all Rob was saying is that he would appreciate create for the pattern.  You didn't give him credit, I wouldn't expect you to after all its not posted anywhere on this original post.

I'm sure had it been on there you would have posted it.

Though my question is what revelance does this post have to this forum?

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