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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Physiology of Excellence Pattern
Posted by: Michael Carroll
Date/Time: 08/02/2003 13:03:12

Rob you wrote " Ididn't create the pattern, but I did paraphrase it and wanted people to be clear about that."

MC writes - Are you proposing a new distinction in the field of NLP i.e. “the  paraphrasing a pattern?” If so we now have thousands of co paraphraser of NLP around the world.

You wrote "I didn't create the pattern?" -

and you wote "I would appreciate if you would let me know that you're posting it here and please add our names to the post"

MC writes:  I am assuming when you sent this paraphrased pattern to people, you played by your own rules and referenced the creator of the pattern and his web site?


Michael Carroll

Speaking as web master here, please don't copy from others' sites or e mails. Having said that I don't think pasting a paraphrased  pattern (already coded by another person)  really is on the same level as pasting content from other peoples' web sites. From a perspective of ehtics and courtesy, I suggest you ask for permission first.

I would also like to give the paraphraser some credit. Well done Rob you did a masterful piece of paraphrasing.

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