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Topic: Representations of John and Carmens latest developments
Posted by: Thomas
Date/Time: 06/05/2002 02:38:52

Hello John, hello Carmen!

Great book! I hope it will be a milestone.

But I am greedy! I want more! And I am not alone.

In your book you present a recommendation for how to present a pattern. Can you start to imagine how much I want to have in my posession all the new code patterns presented in that fashion? I mean, I do not even know how to do the NASA game or hte variants of Roger Tabb's trampoline exercises. I do not know the requirements for something to be a proper new code game.  I have no idea what the words "Stalking (shunts, automatic movement to privileged states)" means. And that is only what I don't know from a partial listing of new code patterns.

The world is full of people who want higher quality material on nlp-applications than is presently available. People who can transform written words into action.

Another issue in connection to your recommendations: that the consequences of using a pattern should be stated in its presentation. Now - I know that a detailed description of the new code change format was outside the scope of the book (although I found the descriptions you gave quite helpful) but I found the consequence description rather vague p.244 "Most frequently the player does not know consciously what the specific differences in behavior in the context in which the change is occurring will be at that point, only that something enormously interesting has occurred." What I am fishing for is not so much another description of the consequence of using the pattern, but rather I am asking a question about how to evaluate such a pattern. Given that I am not to specify consciously the outcome I am after, how am I to evaluate that the pattern actually works as claimed by its presenters?

I have also for the last years been wishing for recordings of your seminars. I have been to two of them in London - those were great! (It seems that I always enjoy the seminars most where a small percentage of the audience are so provoked that they leave. - Strange.)Anyway, I can understand that there are some elements you do not wish to record, since they may spoil the element of surprise should you use those same manoeuvers again - but it doesn't seem to me as if you have any shortage of such maneouvers.

Best regards

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