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Topic: Re:internal dialogue
Posted by: Michael Carroll
Date/Time: 27/06/2002 04:05:55


I am not sure how John or Carmen individually enter an internal dialogue free state. I use the following process, which is now, virtually automatic when I desire to be free of internal dialogue.

1. Sit in comfortable position hands on lap at least 3 meters from the wall.
2. Adjust breathing to breathe in through nose and out through mouth with ratio your outbreath approximately twice as long as the in breath
3. Fix you eyes on spot high on the wall, some place near where the ceiling meets the wall. It might help to stick something like circle on the wall about 2cm in diameter.
4. Expand vision so you become aware visually of the space a meter either side of the spot. Then carry on expanding your vision so you become aware of all of wall. You are still looking up and aware of the spot. Then expand your vision so you can see as much as the 2 side walls as you can and notice the wall paper, pictures etc,  you are still focussed on the original spot. (This depends on the size of the room).
5. Get a sense of the space behind you by using visual recall.
6. You are now using peripheral vision with an element of foveal vision. Bring you eyes down to normal eye level.

If you do the above, take about 10-15 mins, and do the necessary ecology checks before you start the process as the outcome you desire is to enter an altered state.  If you have a  friend available (who is aware of Milton patterns) get them to act as coach . The coach talks you through the initial process and then walks around the sides of the room with hands in air to assist maintaining peripheral vision. The coach then is silent once the quiet state has been accessed.

Let me know how the above works and if you like I can give you some additional steps to apply the above in contexts where you would like to use the "quiet state"

In the mean time John and Carmen might share their thoughts about how to access high performance states and internal dialogue free "quiet" states".



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