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Topic: Re:internal dialogue
Posted by: John Grinder and Carmen Bostic
Date/Time: 30/06/2002 19:06:04

Hello John P

In general, the high performance states we have modeled are characterized by an absence of internal dialogue. There are, however, exceptions. We offer one by way of illustration. Both of us are private pilots. Some years ago, I (John) was flying a single engine aerobatic aircraft (a Decathalon) under VFR conditions when I was suddenly struck by a serene quiet (only the sound of the air rushing over the wings and around the fuselage) - my engine has stopped. At that instant and even as I began to look around for somewhere to set my aircraft down, I distinctly heard in his clipped public school accent, David Gaster's (my friend and instructor for flying) voice articulating the sequence of steps for Re-Starting Engine in Air checklist. I simply followed the sequence and managed to get the engine functioning again prior to having to land in a field. This is an excellent deployment of internal dialogue in a high pressure, relatively high performance situation.

You mention,

"I think I remember hearing you say on a tape of one of your seminars that you no longer have any internal dialogue"

What I intended (who knows what I was attempting to provoke in the seminar at the time) to say was I do not have internal dialogue unless I deliberately select for it (the above flying example is an exception and one I am quite pleased with). In other words, my default states are marked by an absence of internal dialogue.

As to how you could learn to have the choice of having or not having internal dialogue, well that is the question but one I fear exceeds this format. Your present practice of simply moving your attention to another sensory modality is an excellent attention training drill but has little to recommend it if your objective is to develop the choice of having internal dialogue or not.

All the best,

John and Carmen

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