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Topic: Rapport
Posted by: Sylvia Toms
Date/Time: 02/04/2003 18:06:13

Dr. Grinder and Mrs. St-Claire,

On the issue of Rapport, I wonder if I could engage you in a brief dialog.  One of the most fascinating aspects of your book, for me, were your provocative reminders that 'trust' was merely a member of the class of criteria that make up 'rapport'.  If I remember correctly you characterize rapport as engaging with the person's unconscious (or was it more like, 'having the person's attention?)...

It would be very interesting for me if you would be willing to provide examples, other than 'trust' , of what constitute rapport for you.  I understand that in the book you do describe a few different exceptions to the typical assumptions regarding the matter, but it would be helpful for me to read comments that are more directly related to the issue. 

And I wonder, along with your reframing of rapport from 'trust' to 'engagment' (which, as i understand it, includes trust), would you also question the assumption that it is 'trust' that is key in the process of pacing and leading.  I've always assumed that pacing and leading was an essential process in NLPa and that rapport was vital to accoplishing this process. 

If I ran into a crowded room and shouted, "fire", would I be 'in rapport' with the group the moment they registared my communication (it seems irrelevent as to whether my proclamation is accurate or not).  If this form of engagment constitutes rapport, it would seem that the many questions relating the the point of rapport open up.  As a country immediately taking in the impact of 9/11, would you characterize a certain rapport develping between ourselves and the aggressors? 
I'm very interested in the implications of such a twist on my understanding of this core concept.

Perhaps the context in which we 'establish' rapport is vital in terms of our intentions in acting in whatever manner we have chosen to gain the attention of whomever?  However, 'intention' doesn't satisfy the sensory specific conditions which your book champions.  Thanks for your considerations.


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