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Topic: Re:Photographic Memory
Posted by: Golf Swing Modeler
Date/Time: 17/06/2003 21:35:43

"So really my question arises what is the best way to model somebody who has this skill and has I might say (Very minimal non-verbal cues) While I agree that calibration skills are essential, and I know that mine are pretty good, what else could you suggest that might help in modeling someone with this type of skill."

Here's a suggestion I have:  You need to see yourself more as the vehicle for modeling this person, rather than the outside observer.  What I mean is when you model someone, first and foremost you have to experiment on yourself...this is where you get immediate feedback that will make your model more specific and accurate.  Secondly, I would suggest using more than one person who's mastered this can then perhaps notice the similarities and differences, and form a more elegant model on yourself.  Once you have got yourself producing the results you can go about explicating the details of your model so that you can teach it to others. ...(The next task will be how do you go about teaching this to others...another skill :)).

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