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Topic: Re:Re:Photographic Memory
Posted by: Rob
Date/Time: 18/06/2003 12:31:12

Thank you for your reply,

I agree more than one model is appropriate, finding someone who has a ‘photographic memory’ is another story. There are many people who purport to have one but on examination, have better than average skill, but no-where near a photographic memory. Of course this is just about the subjective relationship I have with memory of text to other people and how I rank them. But I think with a 200 word recall within 5 minutes and only 4 words wrong, that to me would signify an exceptional skill and could be termed under ‘photographic memory’. Though I do think the phrase is incorrect.

On the other hand my wife has an excellent auditory memory for lyrics. Within about 7-10 hearings of a song, she will know the lyrics to it. So there may be an overlap between both a ‘Photographic memory’ and ‘Auditory memory’ of words that would be interesting to find the similarities/redundancies in. This then moves into the territory of Memory per se, and that will be an interesting roadmap to follow!!

Could you be more specific about “this is where you get immediate feedback that will make your model more specific and accurate” or do you have an example you could use?



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