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Topic: Clarification from John Grinder??
Posted by: ElevandraE
Date/Time: 11/07/2003 14:19:56

Mr Grinder

In the thread about Tad James, your quote "I am aware that he offers 7 day wonder certifications - something I personally consider absurd - but, heh, that's my take on it."

If you consider 7 day wonder certifications absurd, may i know if you find Michael Carroll and NLP Academy practitioner trainings absurd since he too offers such 7 day certifications.

I understand that you are pretty close to Michael Carroll and are associated with the NLP Academy in the UK and i have to wonder whether you do feel that he should not conduct such trainings and whether you endorse him or his company? Have you encouraged him to discontinue his absurd trainings in favour of higher quality practitioner trainings?

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