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Topic: NLP and health
Posted by: Brendan Carl Clarke
Date/Time: 23/07/2003 09:17:31

What Im interested in is the use of nlp in the case of people who find it impossible to stick to diets or exercise programms.  Esentially the use of it interests me as I see it as a decent way of starting a therapy business.  I wanted some comments on this. Do we think this is profitable? Has anyone in the forum done this before?  What was the success rate and were the clients happy?
What were any texts you used to apply this to full effectiveness?  I am in the process of design for this treatment and I am drawing upon a number of sources.  People are going to be paying for this and it is a problem which people feel rather bad about to say the least so it had better work.  If it doesnt work, well I will do something else but I want to make a decent therapy program.  Any advice or comments on this will be very welcome.

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