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Topic: Re:Re:the unconsious has landed
Posted by: Stephen Bray
Date/Time: 01/09/2003 07:45:56

t, R U kIDinng again?

Within WITW the following undefined terms are used:

Unconscious; my unconscious; unconscious editing; unconscious internal process; unconscious level; unconscious filtering; unconsciously and probably a few more.

On p 211 the authors come close to a definition:
"The unconscious is capable of enormously complex and creative acts, when the proper framing and context have been established"

And on p 218 they add: "Consciousness with its limitation of 2 + or - chunks of information is ill equipped to make such evaluations".

The best I could do within the WITW model was to splice them:

'Unconscious: A process of relevance extending beyond 7 + or - chunks of information capable of enormously complex creative acts, when the proper framing and context have been established' :-)))

But this really misses the point!

The authors also give two great quotations in WITW. On p 61:

"There is no such thing as the Scientific Revolution and this is a book about it" Steven Shaping, The Scientific Revolution.

And on p 129:

"Journalist: Isodora Duncan, there are a number of interpretations of your recent work. Could you please settle the differences between these competing interpretations? What does it mean?

Isodora Duncan . . . listening to the question attentively and pausing for a moment or so in obvious thought . . . If I could say it, I wouldn't have to dance it." ;-))

I guess if we replace the nouns in these two quotations to match the context of your enquiry, and of course leave the relationships between them intact, I guess we might have a more soundly epistemological definition, than my crude attempt above.



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