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Topic: Re:The science itself
Posted by: Carmen Bostic and John Grinder
Date/Time: 25/08/2002 15:43:44

Hello Martin

We appreciate your enthusiasm. And, of course, you have the right to modify the naming of this activity for yourself in any way that promotes excellence in your own performance - with the caveat that you will have to specify what you are referring to if you desire that others appreciate what you are up to.

Neurolinguists is a field whose focus is the relationship between language and brain development and brain organization. This field was established well before the creation of NLP. In fact, this name was one of those Bandler and I (JG) considered and rejected as it was an already established field. It would be quite disconcerting for the men and women engaged in this field to simply lift the name.

This already established field has little, if anything to do with  modeling as we present it in Whispering - the core activity of NLP. Further, NLP has from its inception concerned itself with a much broader range of phenomena than just language, as complex as that it.

We do have similar reservations about the use of the term "programming" but doubt that this term alone has induced what you refer to as "manipulative" behavior in NLP practitioners. In Whispering we are careful to distinguish between ethical manipulation (the point of much communication) and unethical manipulation. Have a look at that and let us know what you think.

Carmen and John 

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