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Topic: Re:New code games
Posted by: Pete West
Date/Time: 13/01/2004 13:46:14


Through a simple search of this forum using the keyword 'NASA game', I discovered a message from JG which may be of interest to you:

"[...]One of the new code games (called NASA) involves a split attention task wherein the player is presented with arithmetic problems (intially easy and with increasing difficulty to maintain the challenge and to focus the player) simultaneously with carrying out a set of perceptual motor tasks. We were astonished to discover a participant (a physician who up to this experience had never had any interest Nor demonstrated any particular facility with arithmetic operations) entered through the new code game an altered state in which he was able without hesititation to multiply two 6 digits numbers together with complete accuracy - we ourselves (obviously in a different altered state) required a desk calculator to verify his performamce...."

Topic: Re:Re:Who let the Genii out of a bottle
Posted by: John Grinder
Date/Time: 28/06/2003 19:20:08

To find out about more New Code games, as far as I can tell, there are no other written descriptions available besides what is within the pages of WITW.  You might thumb through 'Turtles' or leaf through 'Leaves Before the Wind' though.  I am not aware of any audios or videos containing demonstrations of New Code game play.  It seems that one of the only resources available currently for finding out more about New Code games is to attend a New Code seminar.  It is possible that 'RedTail Math: the epistemology of everyday life' will contain further descriptions of New Code games.  It is a logical possibility that 'RedTail Math' will someday be published and be made available to the public.  Then again, it is also logically possibile that both 'Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Volume II' and 'Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, M.D., Volume 3' will someday be published and be made available to the public as the authors advertised in 'NLP, Vol. I' and 'Patterns' respectively.


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