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Topic: Beyond Milton Model?
Posted by: Stephen Michael Hawley
Date/Time: 03/10/2002 06:05:02

Carmen and John,
As I am rereading your fine WITW, I will hold off on the questions that have arisen from my readings. I will however beg of you some insight into newer languaging that you may be engaging in: Are the two of you using any new patterns of languaging as effective as the Milton Model? Have you come across anything new that you will be sharing in New Code trainings? I grok the importance of paring down the patterning so that one gets more with less... The "right tone, rhythm" for a situation goes a long way towards being more effective in inducing trance, let's say, than without. More bang for the buck, as it were. Make things as usefully simple as you  can. Myself, I am busy transcribing from in the hopes that there are things to be discovered in what he is up to with language on Internet. Something to do before I attend your training in New Code in Austin, Feb. 2003.
Wishing you both continuing successes,

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