The Book

Whispering in the Wind
As someone interested in NLP function and logic I was most pleased with the structure and content of the material. Co-authored by Carmen Bostic St. Clair and delivered in a style extremely characteristic of John Grinder.

This work weaves together in story form from Grinder’s perspective, the history of NLP and its associated techniques and observations.

For me, this approach clarified many points in other books that were presented without boundaries or context. This alone made the book with a five-star rating.

Then the book goes into a in-depth look at logical distinction, type theory etc. in relation to NLP application. while this may be tediously dry reading for some I found it essential for the dynamic type of thinking required in excellent performance.

The book covers coding issues discovered by the authors in years of training and application. Also included is a six step formula applicable for every NLP technique. Again, alone worth a five star rating.

Modeling is also extensively covered with a logic, clarity and depth that I found very satisfying, especially in contrast to Dilts “Modeling with NLP” …..again worth a five star rating.

As a meta-comment on the criticisms offered Dilts by Grinder, I would like to have seen the master of language express an ecological and supportive style in his challenges of Dilts’s logic.( This would have been worth another five stars:)

The book also revises and defines much of NLP modeling, application and training with refreshing clarity.

Recommendations are made for quality control and the continuation of NLP for the benefit of future generations.

This is a must-have for any NLP enthusiast. I have read criticisms of this work by some people considered top NLP trainers and practitioners.

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