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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Modeling how to's??
Posted by: Lewis Walker
Date/Time: 29/01/2003 20:56:17

Thanks John,

You wrote: "a ringing endorsement of Steve's seminar and its content".

You may hear similar comments at the end of the year - same pattern...different content!

So... my overall interpretation of your post is that both MODELLING a la NLP and DESIGN by utilisation of exisiting tools in different ways can both provide powerful models for profound, ecological change. The "danger" of design is that it may simply result in "hot air" intellectual analysis. The "danger" of modelling a la NLP is that you may end up with more (or less) than you bargained on...the model - warts and all - (or simply the warts).

As a clinician working under time constraints I am very interested in any model I can use to effect rapid personal change that leads towards an increasing degree of cross-contextual congruence both for my patients and myself. To date, many of the models presented elsewhere under the NLP banner provide enough hot air to keep a reasonably sized balloon afloat for hours (e.g. NLP combined with esoterics!). On the other hand, my experiences with modelling a la NLP thus far have resulted in my acquiring far more warts than skills!

The solution as I see it at present (for me at any rate) is to focus on the (few) products of both modelling and design which get dependable results whilst awaiting a modelling a la NLP seminar hosted by those who display the kind of personal integrity and congruence that allows a trustworthy uptake of said model.

BTW, is Haley's "Strategies of Psychotherapy" still a worthwhile read?

Best wishes,


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