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Topic: Re:Unconscious involuntary signals
Posted by: John Grinder
Date/Time: 07/03/2003 04:55:21

Hi Gene

You wrote,

"I have always had trouble understanding how to go about setting up those signals via reframing and now also via anchoring."

Gene, I have no idea what you are referring to when you say setting up those signals via anchoring. In Whispering, there is an extended description of how to accomplish this via the classic 6 step reframing.

Sure, let's try another context: a client has a pain - the pain itself (you can test) is involuntary - if it were voluntary, the client would have alread gotten rid of it. You arrange a state with excellent contact with your body sensation - either through games that presuppose such a state as a prerequisite to playing the game as all or through a breathing exercise or...
You then propose (internal dialogue will serve) through the presentation of a frame (describing your intention for setting up such signals)that fluctuation in the intensity of the pain will serve well as distinct signals - the reasoning being that since the pain is outside of conscious influence, when the intensity changes, you can be assured that the fluctuations are systematic signals from the unconscious. You then propose the temporary increases in the intensity of the pain level will mean "yes" and temporary decreases in the intensity of the pain will mean "no". Having delivered this frame congruently and will excellent body contact, you then simply ask,

"Is this set of signals acceptable to you?"

The fluctuations in the intensity of the pain will give you what you are seeking as an access point to coordinate with your unconscious.

All the best,


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