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Topic: Are all nlp-applications therepeutical?
Posted by: Thomas
Date/Time: 06/05/2002 02:58:19

Carmen, John!

Just a brief question, when I read whispering I get the impression that when you talk about nlp-applications you are always talking about "therapeutical" applications? Is this the case? Or does something nontherapeutic like the Composition strategy (designed by Dilts and Grinder 1982) also qualify as an nlp-application.

Or, to pick another example. In the book "applications of nlp" there is, I believe, a chapter about sales, and with a title like that on the book it is easy to assume that that chapter describes an nlp-application.

In "whispering" strongly advocate all nlp-applications should be contentfree - and that an interaction while using an nlp-application should be contentfree.

It appears to me that it would be tricky in the extreme to be contentfree if one works as a salesman for a specific product. I understand that this is also a question about logical levels as it does not mean that the nlp-application where one teaches a salesperson needs to contain content - but application of the application; the actual sale will (in some cases) imply that the salesperson presents content to the potential customer.

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