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Posted by: Michael Carroll
Date/Time: 07/05/2002 23:02:17


Here  are some of my thoughts regarding applying  NLP in the area of sales.

I have gained some experience using NLP in the sales field.  I have mapped the process of what occurs in an NLP change work setting to the sales context and it works very well.

NLP Modelling is about identifying the behavioural distinctions in top performers and mediocre performers. So let me start from there.

From my observations mediocre and poor sales -people go straight into describing in detail FEATURES of the product, often boring the client and leaving the client very confused about what the product can do for him and her. If you map the behaviour I described above to NLP change work- you end up in the land of an NLP Practitioner imposing CONTENT on their client. So in the sales model FEATURES become the CONTENT, and it’s a mistake when selling to get stuck solely in features.

Now successful sales people do something else. They begin by asking lots of questions, which I have categorised in two sets. 1 questions about what the client owns now in relationship to what the salesperson is selling  (present state) and questions about what your clients wants (desired state) in relationship to what is being sold. In asking these questions the NLP salesperson will have acquired a lot of information, in addition to present & desired state the NLP salesperson will be aware of the clients decision making strategy and other filters. You will note this is process.

When the salesperson knows specifically what the client wants the product to do she/he begins to sell in terms of the product satisfying the client’s outcomes.

Features may well arise at this stage but it is essential to link them to benefits to create a resources state that fits with the client’s outcome and subsequently offers a solution to what was elicited as the present state.

The above is partial representation of a six step model I have codified to use NLP in the sales environment.

Back to the question of content and ethics- I have defined content as features of a product. A lot depends on your own definition of content in the sales context. I think some obvious differences  will occur when mapping NLP therapy applications to NLP sales applications because in this context they are in my opinion different logical types.

So how much content do you need when selling. My thinking is just enough to make a sale where the client and salesperson are satisfied with the outcome, and depending on the product, a long term win/win relationship occurs as result of the sale.


Michael Carroll

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