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Topic: Re:Re:Are all nlp-applications therepeutical?
Posted by: Thomas
Date/Time: 07/05/2002 21:24:50

Carmen, John

are you suggesting then that the context of therapy dictates a different ethical guideline than for instance sales? Regarding therapy you strongly advocate that one should protect the clients integrity by only manipulating form and not content. Whereas it is a part of a salespersons job to offer the potential cutomer content. Or is it reasonable to claim that since the effectiveness of the salesperson is more dependant of their successful manipulation of form, what they are in essence doing is non-content work (it does not appear so to me).

Regarding consulting contentfree consulting I have often been amazed and amused by how powerful some rather simple nlp-formats can be in this regard in business contexts, and how far one can go without knowing anything about the content.

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