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Posted by: Ryan Nagy
Date/Time: 09/04/2003 16:32:31


John, is not the "best" trainer? Best, in what way? Best for who? Isn't it great that we live in a world that has so many excellent trainers and communicators? Good luck in finding the trainer who is best for you.

John speaks in words that "no one can understand?" Which words are you referring to? Who, specifically cannot understand them? How do you know that they don't understand the words?

I sold myself on the London training after a friend of mine got back from the training in Austin.  I cared little for what my friend "said" about the training. However, I was fascinated by the  changes in his posture, breathing, and the smoothness of the muscles around his eyes and face. As the weeks went by, he began to initiate a number of new projects and seemed generally more resourceful. That's all the evidence that I needed. Who gives a damn what people say? People can say anything. It is the results of their actions and skills that separates an effective human from an ineffective one.

cheers - Ryan

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