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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:PATTERN HUNTER - LONDON 08/04
Posted by: Robin Manuell
Date/Time: 09/04/2003 18:34:15

Richard, I'm not exactly sure what your positive intention is for contributing to the forum- could you help me out?

Having done all my trainings with Richard Bandler I suppose I too was expecting more of the same from John Grinder.

Bandler is an amazing hypnotist and storyteller and I have benefited immensely from his trainings. For me though, there were vital pieces missing from what I learnt from Richard, particularly in the area of self application and in the establishment of an effective rapport with my own uncounscious processes.

I feel the new code seminar with John and Carmen has completed the puzzle in an extremely elegant and graceful way that is still unfolding.  I think the simplicity and effectiveness of their approach means that less is more.

As a trainer myself, when I want a model of an entrancing and hypnotic storyteller I shall certainly turn to my experiences with Richard B and people who train in his style.

When I want a model of someone with an open enquiring, curious mind who is warm, friendly, able to teach through dialogue and interaction and generous with other peoples ideas and challenges then I shall most certainly reflect on my experiences with John and Carmen.

Vive La difference!!

Robin Manuell

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