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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:PATTERN HUNTER - LONDON 08/04
Posted by: robert
Date/Time: 10/04/2003 08:34:14

"You can play all the Meta Model games you want - it won't accomplish anything."

you sure?

"Read the review of WITW in Anchor Point.  Even one of John's former top students writes that John's (and Carmen's) writings have become almost unintelligible."

Then they do not understand what they write and do with that writing.

I think it is clear for me that the book by John and Carmen is a clear and precis understanding of what was NLP in the begining.
I am a sucker for old myths and I would love a book or chapter of anecdots from Johns and Richards adventures from themself.

People judge, ie use a filter of what is to be and not judge what they do respond to.
They use a cloudness filter of not knowing what they do respond to.
They in this is people who do not seem to calibrate there own judgemental and how they have filters about the training when they enter the training.

It is fairly obvious that few enter John and carmens training with a modeling approach.

"The sample paragraph that Steve Andreas re-wrote is a prime example."

Personally I think Steve is out of base (scope)with his article in many ways. It does not reflect my understanding of NLP and or John and Carmens book.

He might still be right tho.

God speed.


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