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Posted by: Zhi Zhi Chien
Date/Time: 17/04/2003 17:25:22

Your first two sentences:
NLP is a detailed operational model of the processes involved in the modeling of excellence: more specifically, the mapping of tacit knowledge onto explicit knowledge in the extreme of human functioning excellence. The products of the core NLP activity-the modeling of excellence-are available for application in a wide range of activities. Historically, the initial application was in the field of therapy and personal change.

(This that follows could be reduced to one sentence ?)
It is important to note that in the coding of a large number of patterns in the initial modeling is a set of variables. These variables inherent in each of the coded models constitute functional variables for designing. While these may be largely variations on the pattering initially discovered and coded it is possible to use them to develop genuinely new pattering and models. The New Code NLP is an excellent example of pure design, a pure manipulation of these variables.


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