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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Connection between state and context
Posted by: John Grinder
Date/Time: 14/05/2003 02:57:07

Dear JPG

1. You wrote,

"I understand it is a question of intensity of the states. I am not sure of what you mean by the “so-called resource”.

My concern is about the state related to the resource-context.

Can it be spoiled by the problem state when this one is more intense than it ?"

I was sloppy in my wording - yes, the state selected and assocated to the resource/context can, indeed, be "spoiled" (backwards conditioning into the state associated with the resource/context.

2. You wrote,

"A corollary issue (or opportunity) is related to the process described p245 of WITW. It must occur NATURALLY several times each day."

The method described on the page referenced is the adaptation of the alphabet game for application with children - I don't understand what the "it" in "It must occur NATURALLY several times each day." refers to - what must occur NATURALLY several times a day?

3. You wrote,

"- A person is in a given state unresourceful (or resourceful)
- A context is evocated by a letter, a phone call …

Does a future pacing might occur spontaneously (the state will influence the context) ?"

I am having some difficulty appreciating your question. Step 4 of the New Code Format is the point where the player with his or her fully activated high-performance state steps in the hallucinated context selected in step 1 and visited in step 2. This unconsciously connects the high preformance state with the auditory and visual stimuli that define the selected context (in which the player desires that the change occur.

If this is not responsive to your question, please come back with a new formulation.

All the best,


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