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Posted by: JPG
Date/Time: 18/05/2003 07:59:01

Hi John,

1) You wrote : "Do you get the impression that we may be the only two people curious about what you proposed?"

Well, it is not too late for somebody to post a message (at least to say they were interested), You know, everyday ... more and More people have access to the Internet, Aren't they ? so I have still some hope that at some minute or another second They will...

(and anyway, if within 6 months, nobody has I could make a fake one)

BTW, I am rather glad of the data collected on anchoring (and New code) and now available to EVERYBODY thanks to your discussion forum and your kind multiple answers to my questions.

Paradoxally, I agree that "understanding is no way a prerequisite to acting effectively in the world" (p144) (see also note 1 below). But I  think it can be a source of motivation to act and also to overcome conscious resistances (First because I believe in the Ericksionian view of the unconscious/Not the case of some Well-Trained NLP Trainers or Meta-Meta Trainer ? ).

2) You wrote : "Precisely - one of the beauties of the application of the content free high performance state is that it adapts itself continuously to the range of context that trigger its re-activation and since each of the members of this series of differing context implies variations in the objectives of the player, the high performance state adapts itself in part to those requirements."

I consider these INPUT DATA (not explicitly AVAILABLE in WITW) the critical triggers (for me) to experiment with the New Code (NC), on MYSELF first, without waiting for a training in France.

3) Roughly speaking, the gap (see note 2 & 3) between NC and the classic (conscious) one is so wild, that until now, I saw NC more as an advertising for Ericksionian Hypnosis that NLP.

To give an example, I felt that designing a specific game (to fit a specific issue) would have been a more complex and demanding task than verbal trance elicitation and utilization.
And, I am now convinced that, for example, the alphabet game (see note 4 &5) can be used within multiple contexts and of its interest !

3) Last but not least, believe it or not : I see no more question on anchoring (for the moment ?)

All the Best,

Thanks for co-creating NLP, and still be active for its future

Well, last comment : I think that a discussion forum do more (for me) for connection of NLP with real life world (given you have Internet at work and home) than the best future pacing at the end of any training. (Maybe just due to repetition)


Notes : - 1 Much more Our conscious mind limits our performances.
            - 2 : Just in time 25 years of wild spreading of the classic code.
            - 3 : With DHE of RB, the name itself seems to show the will of a break.
            - 4 : the only I have the description.
            - 5 : I am considering making a PC program to at least generate automatically a series of permutations (l r t) and why not printing then on the screen

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