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Topic: Re:Re:Alphabet game didn't work
Posted by: Mitch
Date/Time: 22/05/2003 13:57:46

Thank you for your reply John. I phoned the client who is noticing significant changes on the medication. That's good for him, but I will not get to see him again to follow-up your questions. If the medicine doesn't work long term then I will be in a position to see him and redo the game and let you know what happens.

If he comes back to see me, do I need to get him off the drugs before I do the game?

I think that maybe you do something when you run the alphabet game that I don't do or maybe it's the reverse way around. Maybe that's why it didn't work. Maybe the model needs to be more precise about certain elements becuase I followed it precisely.

Eg, can you describe to me in sensory terms what the high-performance state should look like, just before you collapse it with the problem state?


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