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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Alphabet game didn't work
Posted by: John Grinder
Date/Time: 22/05/2003 15:04:21


May I suggest that you go after this client a bit more assertively? This is gold - the ones that work simply work and you often learn little at a general level - always something about the particular client, of course. However, the ones that don't work are gold for learning purposes. Offer him the follow-up session free - whatever but get this guy back and make it happen.

Your point is well taken: either I am doing something that is as yet implicit and therefore not adequately coded or you are doing something that is not included in the coded patterning and it is interfering with securing the results desired. I did mention some aspects of what I do that you did not mention in your initial report - can you verify that you included those instructions and calibrated compliance in your client? Look, if physicians stopped after prescribing medication in specified doses the first time because it didn't have the desired effect, there would be many fewer "satisfied" clients in medical practice.

Ideally, you would clean up the client so that the medication would NOT interfere with the work you do. In practice, many times I have had to work with clients still on medication - this tends to make the work more difficult as the signals most relevant to calbrate physiologically are muted or noisy (drug effects) and the unconscious (in the area of the presenting problem tends to offer responses more difficult to calibrate and interpret. In general, after succeeding with someone on medication (of course, you only know whether you have succeeded when the new choice are sustained after withdrawl from the drugs), I often re-do portions of the work once the person is clean.

Mitch, your request for a description of a high-performance state is simultaneously a perfectly understandable request and at the same time, absurd. In the final pages of Whispering, Carmen and I suggest the establishment of a video library to overcome the enormous difficulties and generally low grade effectiveness of attempting in relatively sensory language to describe such things (fundamentally calibration issues). Please note that portions of this difficulty would persist even if we had such a library as the form a high performance state assumes in different people is different.

If I can help, I would be most interested - this is a fish I would like very much to capture.

All the best,


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