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Topic: NLP Modeling
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Date/Time: 23/05/2003 22:30:53

Dr. G. can you describe for me more in depth the Unconscious Uptake portion of the NLP Modeling strategy.

I know when I model personally the state that I go into is one of:

I de-focus my eyes, I use my vision to track movement.

Then I open up my hearing to listen that which is being said and how its being said.

I mimic the movements of my model only after I have been in their prescense and can feel a pattern of some sort repeating, most of the time I don't know what it is but I can feel it.  And then I go from there. I try to identify the pattern without judgement or at least what I think it is that I am feeling.  Then I do it consciously to see if i'm right and am achieving some what similiar results if i'm not than I drop what ever It was that I thought was the pattern and feel for the next one.

And I do that one by one until I complete the model.  Once I have a cluster of patterns then I begin the process of subtraction, I begin doing all of the patterns and then I begin leaving one out to see if there is a difference if there is not I leave that particular pattern out if there is I leave that particular pattern in.  And I continue to do that until I have the handful of patterns that make up my model.

Tell me what you think,

Dr. G

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