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Posted by: nj
Date/Time: 07/06/2003 21:05:47

Hello, Ernest.

1. You wrote,

"So I would assume John Grinder sets up a strong performance state before he decides to begin to calibrate ... of course I must ask how John classifies the information presented to him. ...Would you mind sharing a snidgen of that strategy for us curious supporters?"

Ernest, I'd like to share with you what the statements quoted above brought to my mind.  I imagined ways that Dr. Grinder would get into a strong performance state and how he might analyze the information he perceived.  I decided that my imaginations are questionable.  Suddenly it seemed like Dr. Grinder's methods are well-kept secrets, and I'll probably never know how to replicate them.  Of course, upon reading how Dr. Grinder gets into his strong performance state, I might be able to separate what I imagined from what he wrote to do.  After all, I know that Dr. Grinder's methods are excellent.

If Dr. Grinder gave me instructions that I could carry out, my decisions about how to carry out those instructions might contradict what Dr. Grinder wrote for me to do.  My results from following his instructions might contrast with the results I intend by following his instructions.  I would try to follow the instructions of a world-class therapist, but without learning from him directly.

But I know that I can't emulate Dr. Grinder's behavior with a few pages of written instructions, or even a whole book of written instructions, so I haven't posted questions asking Dr. Grinder for instructions that would help me solve a therapy client's problems.  If I could, then a few well-phrased questions posted to Dr. Grinder might turn me into a world-class therapist too.


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