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Topic: Re:Re:Re:NLP attitude and state
Posted by: take place
Date/Time: 31/07/2003 16:57:18

and if you do a thorough enough job modeling the modelers, you may just find yourself in the peculiar state in which you are sufficiently bored enough with NLP to go on and make the discoveries you were unconsciously searching for in the first place.  Or not. but.
You know, it's like, if Dr. Grinder didn't have to bother with mortality- or if his lifespan was a garunteed 600 years- it is easy to imagine that he, the modeler, would eventually get to a place in which he has no use for the distinctions he is presently positing, and, in fact, he begins to make a series of disctions that APPEAR counter to what he is saying now. However, from the appropriate perspective, one could see that he has achieved a new level of interegration...

If you truly model the modelers, I think you would have to get to a point in your modeling project in which you abandon the key distinction being made in both new and old code and venture into a radically novel state of affairs.  How Fun!
And how do you like my new shoes!

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