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Topic: Re:Re:Re:High performance state as a resource
Posted by: Lewis Walker
Date/Time: 02/12/2003 20:24:31


You wrote: "Another question, I think that the high performance state (HPS) is tightly linked to the unconscious. Timeline is a way to make time regression. So I am wondering if it would be advized before using the pattern with the HPS to meta comment that the full unconscious resources related the present person will be available and not those of a 6, 10, 12 years old person."

Generally when I do a timeline intervention I am transferring resources that the patient/client has now, as an adult, and presuming that ALL resources are currently available. The accessing of these resources (HPS), if done as new code format, is done off the timeline (3rd position), and when, as coach, you calibrate to full expression of this state, you rapidly put them back into the event on the timeline, walking all the way back to now noticing the spontaneous changes....and on out into the future too, if you want.

I have also done this process by eliciting state dependant memory resources from various other contexts in the patient's history...which you can interpret as a form of regression on the timeline....although more like hypermnesia rather than the complete re-vivification you can get in deep trance. As long as you pay attention to positive intention and ideodynamic signals (sensory, motor, affective, cognitive etc)then the process seems effective and least to my follow up of patients.

I have experimented with doing timeline work in a variety of ways...they all get results....though my tendancy is still to use adapted variants of Dilts'methodologies...



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