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Topic: Re:Re:High performance state as a resource
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Date/Time: 03/01/2004 11:56:01

Hi Michael,

Winter holidays gave me time to experiment about combining New Code with timelines.

Presentation of the pattern:

-Positioning the timeline,
-Localizing special events
-Accessing visual and auditory anchors of these events
-Playing the alphabet game
-Going back to the oldest spatial anchor
-And moving forward thru time without conscious thinking (repeat at will)

1) Consequences of the use of the pattern:

1.a : Try on myself : After experimenting on myself, I managed to do something I wanted to do for months. During it, I felt oscillating between 1st and meta position. Both listening carefully and also taking some distance : as if the "center of gravity" of my mind was moving backward and forward. 2nd position was more based on internal dialogue.

The pattern has also modified my representation of past events as if "future" scenarios applied also at these events.

Now, I feel more confident about my capacity of taking a meta position in the future. I know (John) it is a belief and I have read what you have post about the cost of belief. But confidence about my interactive skill is a resource that I want to keep with me. Of course, I will check after some future experiences if it is justified.

1.b : Leading a "client" :
No problem for leading, I pre-framed the transition from the Alphabet game to Timeline before the pattern and then kinetically lead the transition,
Know-nothing state well accessed (see below),
The client has problem walking straight so I had to guide him/her,
His/her language changed from past (something happened) to I will do that.

I have not try to discover if the pattern has modified the past representation in that case because the process is not finished yet: the opportunity that the expected conscious solution takes place has not happened yet. So maybe other unconscious solutions would spontaneously occur.

In both cases, the solutions/actions to implement were conscious. Is this a consequence to have symbolically gone in the future and therefore having performed the task in the mind ? I don't know (more experiments need to be carry on

After the second experiment, a new subject of discussion appeared so I used the process described in WITW for children. I had him/her re-accessing the know nothing state by watching the alphabet chart and starting the melody of A,B,C then linked the state with the topic thru a discussion.

The New code can efficiently prepare for future events but also might help modifiing some past representations.

Happy New Year.


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