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Topic: Re:High performance state as a resource
Posted by: Michael Carroll
Date/Time: 06/12/2003 23:18:53


You wrote "When I have a doubt (I am not a NLP PRO, I mean I worked as an engineer and NLP is for fun) I ask a question (even if I do have my own point of view), hoping that somebody would be kind enough to share is point of view with me and potential reader."

Good point JPG. In my map the only distinction between an NLP pro and NLP enthusiast is one makes a living from NLP,† the other uses NLP as a hobby. Other than that we are learners. In most cases the enthusiast/hobbyist has the edge as he/she is usually much more open to new learnings/insights etc. I enjoy my hobby.

Your question regarding your proposed format. I have never used the alphabet game with a "change personal history timeline formatí i.e.† accessing specifics from memory, either consciously or unconsciously, and using a timeline to identify a specific context of the past, and playing the game then bringing that resource forward on the† timeline.

When people play the game as set up in Whispering, and bring the know nothing state to the area on the floor marking the context of change , the neurological integration is so visible often their whole body shakes. Moving a client along a timeline in this powerful integration phase, might not be easy. Like I say I have never tried it.

I have used a spatial timeline, to break past generalisations, using more classic code collapse anchor formats and then† have client access a physiology of excellence (chain of excellence principle)† to walk through timeline with resources back to present and out to future.(using spatially marked out timeline)†

Timelines are metaphors of how we map our experiences in line with our mental calendar. The mental calendar is product of f2 transforms, and follows the logic of f2, with 1983, 84,85, 86, 87 marked in a sequence. This has its† uses and limitations.†

Future timelines have benefits for building resources, and states linked with future events, again using your mental calendar for perceived events of the future.

Whether the client is accessing a past repression (associated) or future representation (associated),† as far as the mind body particularly the kinesthetic portion of FA, the consequence (state) of the accessed representation† can only occur in the present - meaning the client feels the kinesthetics in the now.†

The challenge, for many,† with accessing past representations is maintaining a pure access state. The past representations whether presented using a timeline metaphor or otherwise have a greater chance of being watered down or polluted by other representations.

Keep on exploring


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