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Topic: Re:Criteria for selecting modelling projects
Posted by: nj
Date/Time: 10/12/2003 09:44:18

Hi, Martin.

You wrote:

1. "Has anyone come up with a set of criteria for selecting worthwhile and interesting modeling projects to be carried out using the Whispering guidelines for modelling?"

My criteria include:

2. is the modeling project worthwhile?
3. is the modeling project interesting?

I find it interesting to share in another person's behavior, which is usually worthwhile for establishing rapport with that person.

I enjoy thinking about why people do what they do, but I don't necessarily apply NLP tools to that analysis.  Actually, I take a position of learning how a person does something, so that, if I were to enter the context in which the person is behaving, I would not disturb his activity performance.  Once I'm in the context, it seems like a good time for me to model the person, or maybe to bother him intentionally. 

Some of my modeling interests would require regular exposure to the source model, or even an apprenticeship.  It takes time to get that kind of access to someone, and you have to have something to offer to the source model in return.  If you offer something personal, including friendship, you'd better know in advance that you're sincere in what you offer, and then have the plan to carry that offer through.  If you offer some kind of training in return, you'd better know that the source model wants your training, and that you're a true expert in what you're offering.  The closest I've gotten to learning, as an apprentice, is picking up on another's behaviors, as his friend or acquaintance (rather than as an expert trainer).

I model a simple physical behavior the way I learn one, by imitating the source model's performance to the best of my ability.  I do that often, just like many people do.  If the behavior is fast-paced, I might ask the source model to slow down her pace temporarily, so I can see what she is doing, and follow the movements in time with her, before she speeds up. 

You wrote:

2.  "What activities excellence intrigues/interests you these days?"

I've learned many intriguing physical behaviors before.  But, I wish I had time to learn many more, and much better than I have. 


3. muscle coordination,
4. strength,
5. endurance,
6. flexibility, 
7. movement-specific reflexes,

involves lots of attention and time.  Development of (3) through (6) can be accomplished by athletic cross-training.  Modifying lifestyle habits can also improve (3) through (6).  Movement-specific reflexes require lots of practice of the target behavior. That takes time and dedication to improving your performance of the activity.

Developing (3) through (7) is only sometimes worth my ting, but the results would (almost) always be worth my having.


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