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Topic: A question about NLPmodelling
Posted by: Robert
Date/Time: 01/08/2004 13:10:31

Greetings to everyone in the Whispering Community.

I have read through all (well 99.9%) of the posts (as well as sections in WITW) relating to the activity refered to as NLPmodelling.

I really just require some clafication and advice from anyone who has has any experience with this original flavour/flavor of modelling, with the following scenario:

I would be interest in modelling an artist(painter). Obviously the first step is to identify a suitable artist to model, and which skills, specifically I would like to learn.

In the presence of the artist, I would enter into the "Know-nothing" state, and then begin to go into 2nd position as the artist performed their magic.

My first question is (and is probably a "stupid" question): Where would I sit (or stand) in relation to the artist? I would not want to distract (or dare I say "annoy") them from their work.

With regards to micro-muscular movements (MMMs) I realise that any movements the Modeller makes are to be imperceptible to a non-trained observer:

How specifically would I "mimik" the movements of an artist - such as a broad brush stroke - in "real time" using MMMs? Would my hands just remain in the normal resting position during the MMMs?

Any feedback and advice would sure be appreciated.



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