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Topic: Re:Re:A question about NLPmodelling
Posted by: Robert
Date/Time: 02/08/2004 09:26:04

Hi e_lie

I do not consider the question to be "stupid" by any means. I figured that someone would ask me how I did it. It may actually be important to be able to use John & Carmen's notation to specify which branch of NLP the poster is refering to, to prevent any possible misunderstandings. (That fact that I may have actually started a trend in this forum may actually inflate my ego - or superego to be precise)

It is a simple HTML tag. As the "modelling" part is superscript, to do this in HTML, all you have to do is write "NLPmodelling", and it will come out as formatted.

I tried to get this formatting in the message box, but when it came to preview, it appeared to display the HTML code rather than the superscript... If the above HTML does actually come out as superscript, click to reply to this post, and then look at what is written in the Topic Box... it should have the relevant HTML tags for you to see.


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