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Topic: ReRe:Re Re ReTo Michael Carroll. re. sales and models
Posted by: kc
Date/Time: 28/09/2002 12:39:54

To Michael Carroll,

Hope everything is well with you Michael Carroll

Would like to see more from you at this site? I am sure you are busy yourself with other projects besides WHISPERING.

Just wanted to give you a reconstruction and recollection of my two modeling events last week that I was involved in.

First I ran down to New Jersey and sat behind another sales rep who has earned the number one ranking in sales for our company for six years who has been slipping as of late. So my sales vice president Bruce asked me to pay Theresa a visit last week.  I found her depressed, her presentations were boring and her enthusiasm was waning and the lady demonstrated NO curiosity what so ever. She was a shell of the person I had come to know compared to my past experience with her. Theresa was mentally not present in our six sales calls just going through a mini routine at her meetings that we went to in our two days together. I asked her why was she so blue and she said she had personal problems. The fascinating piece to me Michael is I asked her bluntly what was the problem and she said her brother was getting divorced.Whats wrong with that picture?
More on this later.

Also I finally reviewed my boss on Thursday. Now I don't know if anybody here has taken the time to talk their boss into doing a review on her or him but to me Michael I found the whole event to be very amusing and aneye opening experience. To me it very fascinating when you find yourself having the ability to go beyond those corporate fences and metaphors and truly connect or get aound the bosses old mindsets. Michael to start my review I first had all my 16 fellow sales reps send me their personal review of Bruce. Then I compiled all reps thoughts together as well as with mine. I also added a few original playful suggestions to drive his attention like we should all get a minimum raise next year and at least make a minimum half million a year each for our sales efforts and of course work less hours and travel less. He laughed at that one. Everybody Michael was protected in my process as I did not tell Bruce who said what in their review of him.

I presented my review to Bruce on Thursday. During the Bruce review I was candid as possible and even though I was concerned how ny boss would take to some criticsm Bruce suprised my thinking  as he really loved the process of hearing what his underlings had to say about him and his performance the first nine months of 2002......... Michael Bruce was excited and he could not thank me enough for putting this information together for him. He said it was so valuable to hear outside of him whats is really going on with him and as he also said I quote "this review opens up my eyes up to a whole different world and a new mindset" and he then said "the excercise enabled him to see and hear more of what is really going on out there and that is important to me."

Myself I am curious to see Michael the next few days in Consecoland how this change in Bruce affects others going forward and perhaps all of Consecoland eventually. The corporate fire has been lit.Who knows where it will go next?
So far I can start to see and hear Michael a dramatic change in Bruces orientation towards others..and the same in others.  I am hoping the quiet process of how Bruce was reviewed informally grows. Bruce I expect will start to change how he looks and speaks about us his sales force because now because of my review  he can begin to know know consciously what his reps are really feeling and cognitively thinking about him
and his sales procces.

I am hoping all my work not now immediately but eventually changes all of 200,000 Consecolands sales network reps lives, values and attention points going forward for all involved!

Just thought I drop you a line Michael
have a great Saturday and I hope to hear more from you soon about your sales models.


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