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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Modeling: New Behavior Generator
Posted by: John Grinder
Date/Time: 27/02/2003 16:21:33

Hi Claire

In the NBG - the version presented by Michael from Trance-formations (there are lots of variations on this basic format) - the protocol demands of the client that he or she create a representation of the context in which the behavior to be changed occurs as well as the behavior itself (in the new code version - from 3rd position). It is the responsibility of the agent of change to detect (through calibration) the client's inability to form well-defined visual images of the context and behavior. It is futher the agent of change's responsibility to have the personal flexibility to translate any portion of the demands on the client's ability to form representations into the representational systems available to him or her. Thus, in the case in which a client is unable to form such a visual representation the agent will smoothly move to a request for auditory and kinesthetic (clients can, for example, listen to and reach out and touch the kinesthetic (external tactile) representations of themselves in context as well as key features of that context.

The second choice of an agent of change faced with a client who is unable to visualize to the degree required is to accept the challenge (typically a 15 minute task) of developing the cleint's ability to visualize what is required. A common way of achieving this is through the overlap of representational systems. Sometimes, the inability of the client to visualize that specifics of the context and behavior in question is a signal - called resistance in traditional systems of change - from the unconscious of its serious doubts about what is going on. In such cases, interventions ranging from simple framing to a full on discovery of the secondary benefits of the behavior to be changed and the restriction of the new behaviors to those that satisfy the original positive intention of the behavior to be changed is required.

Hope that this is intelligible.

All the best,


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